APIs & iPad App for Experts Influenced Content

iPad app & API to read articles and news content which are influenced by experts.

Project Synopsis

A silicon valley startup had implemented a backend solution which crawls through the twitter feeds of experts and indexes the articles based on their influence. They wanted to develop an iPad app with easy to use interface for users to browse through the recommended articles

The developed platform was expected to have the following features

  • iPad app which will connect to a REST based service to retrieve articles and news contents
  • Asymmetric layout to support content based layout rendering of the articles.
  • Ability to save the articles for offline reading, and bookmark interested news sections.
  • Integration with social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rare Mile Solution

Rare Mile worked on developing the iPad application to fetch the news contents and render to the user with an easy to use interface.

Rare Mile proposed and implemented a solution with the following features:

  • UI design of the iPad application
  • Implementation of the iPad application.

Project Highlights

  • Ease of use and fast access were key requirements of the application. Rare Mile carried out a systematic approach for UI design, which was simple, aesthetic and easy to use
  • Implemented algorithms to make effective use of screen space by creating several asymmetric layouts, and choosing the optimum layout based on feed data from the backend system.
  • Integrated with Twitter and LinkedIn social media networks for connecting the user profile to the app, and recommend articles and news content based on user's interests listed in these networks.

About Project

This project involved UI design and development of an iPad application for users to read articles and news based on experts recommendation.

Technologies Used

IOS mobile platform
Oauth Integration

Client Details