Development of algorithms and machine learning based system is natural extension of our DNA of solving complex problems. We design customized machine learning algorithms and deploy standard machine learning algorithms to solve business problems. We have experience in implementing algorithms like SVD+, K-Means, Naive Bayes, etc.

What we do...

We provide services around the following areas of algorithms & machine learning development:

Algorithm Research & Development
Algorithm Research & Development
Implementation of Published Papers
Implementation of Published Papers
Customized Machine Learning Algorithms
Customized Machine Learning Algorithms
Trends & Patterns Identification
Trends & Patterns Identification

How do we do it?

We take a research based approach to developing new algorithms. We start by understanding the context around the problem that needs to be solved and develop algorithms that can meet business objectives. These algorithms are then iteratively implemented and their outcome is measured and validated. Based on the outcomes, we refine the algorithm until it starts delivering acceptable levels of returns.

Besides implementing standard Mahout algorithms, we also develop customized machine learning capabilities to deliver a tailored machine learning experience. In our experience, unless you have a standard, statistical problem to solve, a customized machine learning algorithm can deliver a lot more relevant value than canned algorithms. We recommend the right choice of algorithms to our clients after an initial consultation.

Why us?

Rare Mile Algorithm Scientist and Machine Learning Experts

Our People

Our algorithms group is a collection of hand picked people who love testing the 'not possible' hypothesis. Most of the engineers have invented a few algorithms of their own and have earned patents for their inventions
Outcome Based Pricing

Outcome Linked Pricing

All our algorithm development engagements are incentivized on solution. Part of our payment is linked to successfully implementing the right algorithm that produces the desired results.
Our Existing Assets give you a headstart

Get A Head Start

We have a long list of re-usable assets that enable us to create new algorithms at a much lesser time than most companies. This results in lesser over all cost of ownership for all of our customers.

About The Practice

Our algorithms and machine learning capabilities development team has best in class data scientists, architects, engineers all of whom love taming problems that do not want to be tamed easily.

Practice Skills

Designing New Algorithms
Machine Learning Capabilities
Implementing Published Papers
Customized Learning Algorithms

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