The rapidly expanding App market has given a lot of businesses opportunities to share and monetize their information collection. They have also opened up a completely new avenue of revenue source which is based on letting developers build interesting, innovative applications for the customers. Hotel chains are getting more booking through partners who use their APIs for booking, theme parks are giving a new way of exploring their parks to customers through third party apps, Telecom firms are making money by offering their text and billing capabilities over APIs.

What we do...

We provide services around the following areas of API Development & Management:

API Development
API Development
API Management
API Management
API Monetization
API Monetization
API Analytics
API Analytics

How do we do it?

We know APIs - not just the technologies behind API enablement but the whole nine yards of how to roll out, support, track, analyze and monetize APIs. We have helped our clients with API enabling their products & services and building a developer support ecosystem for their APIs. We have also metered API to bring commerce to APIs and are well versed with the challenges of API monetization.

Why us?

Rare Mile API Developers and Architects

Our People

The API architects and engineers at Rare Mile have experience in developing complex, high traffic APIs that are used by a number of platforms.
Rapid API Delivery

Rapid Delivery

Our unique API development process coupled with API simulation framework enables us deliver APIs at an extremely fast pace.
Outcome Based Pricing

Ready Assets

We have ready to use components for API monetization, tracking, simulation and limiting. This helps us delivery APIs at lesser cost than most other companies.

About The Practice

Our API development and management team has best in class developers and architects who have experience in delivering high performance APIs.

Practice Skills

Developing New APIs
API Acceleration
API Commercialization
API Strategy