Apigee Based API Exchange Enablement for Telecom Giant

Exposing REST based APIs for a Telecom sector giant.

Project Synopsis

A US based API Management Company wanted to develop a generic set of RESTful APIs based on GSMA One API specifications for exposing services of a telecom operator such as payment, SMS and location. There were other set of APIs aswell for cloud services, push notifications etc. The APIs were also required to be secured using various mechanisms.

The developed platform was expected to have the following features

  • Exposing a set of RESTFul APIs for the telecom company.
  • Securing APIs with oauth2 and other mechanisms.
  • Implementing business limits on base of application and end user for APIs
  • Sending notifications to apple and android devices of users of an app

Our Solution

We worked with the client's team to build architecture, design and implement the solution. This solution uses pragmatic REST techniques and provides secure and developer friendly APIs.

We proposed and implemented a solution with the following features:

  • Use of API management platform for building the APIs
  • OAuth 2 implementation for developer and end user authorization
  • Leveraging API Management platform's advanced features for data storage, push notifications and business limits.

Project Highlights

  • Designed and implemented stable and high performing APIs which are able to handle large scale live traffic.
  • Employed iterative development to absorb client's feedback regularly during the application development
  • Used a research oriented approach for trying different candidate solution approaches before deciding the final solution

About Project

This project involved designing and developing RESTful APIs based on GSMA One API specifications for a telecom sector giant. In the subsequent phases it involved lot of complex APIs related to contacts and cloud storage data of end user, sending push notifications to user's devices. It involved streaming of video/audio files, transferring image files, integration with APNS and google notifications service.

Technologies Used

Java/J2EE 50%
Apigee API Management Platform 80%
Apigee Monetization Services 50%
Apigee App Services 50%
Open Source Libraries 40%

Client Details