Gesture Platform

Next Generation of Retail Shopping Experience

Introducing Gesture Based Interaction for Retailers

We help retailers launch new interactive experiences for their customers through our Gesture Based Platform. Retailers can now extend their reach by setting up virtual, interactive shops at a low cost and cut down costs associated with product trials. There are a number of innovative ways that retailers can use this technology:

  • Extend Reach: Use our technology to set up a virtual shop at places with high number of foot prints like malls, train stations to get your product out to more potential buyers.
  • Increase Sales: Cross sell products available at alternate locations or in warehouses. Let the customers experience products which are not physically available.
  • Utilize Retail Space Effectively: Offer more number of fitting/trial rooms in limited space by deploying our virtual kiosks.
  • Improve Customer Engagement: Let your customers try out new products and provide feedback virtually before they are released. We will collect the feedback and analyze the opinions on your behalf.
  • Offer Personalization: Let your customers personalize the products and tailor it as per their needs. We will show them the virtual experience before any customization effort is spent from your side.
  • eCommerce Integration: We can also integrate the virtual experience with your online eCommerce application to process orders. Your customers can not only experience your products but also order them instantly if they like it.

The customizations that we can offer on our gesture platform are only limited by your imagination. Whether you an apparel retailers or someone who sells accessories like goggles and spectacles, we have an experience in store that will wow! your customers and increase your sales.

Gesture Controlled Apparel Dressing