Identity Fraud Detection Solution & Platform

Aiding companies identify fraudesters and imposters.

Project Synopsis

A US based startup wanted to develop a platform for detecting identity fraud that could verify the authenticity of a fraudulent Identity card like driving license, ID card, etc. The platform should also be able to integrate with existing fraud detection API and report any possible impostors.

The developed platform was expected to have the following features.

  • Ability to read an ID card and read text on it using OCR technologies
  • Integrate with an existing fraud detection software.
  • Use APIs to connect to devices that scan documents.
  • Provide a desktop and a real time online web application that displays the scanned results to users.

Our Solution

We proposed and implemented a solution with the following features:

  • Created a desktop application that interacts with a hardware scanner to scan an ID card
  • Validate contents of the ID card by performing an OCR read of the card and verifying it against source system
  • Extract patterns of fraudulent IDs
  • Provide a mobile based solution for scanning ID cards using mobile's camera
  • Provide dashboards to view status of various scans

Project Highlights

  • Designed and implemented the application in 12 weeks
  • Employed iterative development to absorb client's feedback regularly during the application development
  • Developed a Mobile version of the application to check frauds based on images of user documents (DL, Passport etc.)

About Project

Design & development of a solution and platform for detecting fraudulent identity documents

Technologies Used

.NET Framework
iOS Mobile App
Assuretec ID Card Reader

Client Details