Mobile Based PoS Payment Solution

A SaaS solution for enabling Mobile Point of Sales terminal to ease payment capture for merchants.

Project Synopsis

A UK startup wanted to build a solution that allows mobile devices to be used as point of sale terminal. The solution aimed at providing a low cost and secured solution that would allow merchants to operate a point of sale solution.

The developed platform was expected to have the following features

  • End to end product development which included native mobile apps to be built to support Android and IOS. The mobile application integrates with a card reader via bluetooth to enable mobile card payments
  • Cloud application to help merchants to register, setup their product catalogue and manage business.
  • Analytics and reporting to track merchant sales.

Rare Mile Solution

Rare Mile helped the client with the end to end product development. Rare Mile worked with the client team to choose the right payment platform, carried out POCs to integrate with the card reader.

Rare Mile proposed and implemented a solution with the following features:

  • Android and IOS application development
  • Mobile payment integration with external device.
  • Java based cloud application which helps the merchants to register, manage and grow their business.

Project Highlights

  • Security is of prime importance for mPOS solutions, the system was designed and implemented keeping security factor at the core of all aspects.
  • Integrated with device level APIs to ensure the external card reader works with the Android and IOS platforms to carry out card payments.
  • P2P encryption of data and adherence to PCI compliance
  • Provided location based analyitcs services to help merchant track the sales based on geo location data.

About Project

End to End product development of a SaaS based application to support mechants use their phone / tablets as point of sale system.

Technologies Used

Android and iOS Mobile development
Payment Gateway Integration
Software Integration for Card Reader
Cloud Based Backend Application

Client Details