Mobile Based Virtual Dressing Prototype & Solution

Prototype and solution for a US based apparel company for mobile based virtual dressing

Project Synopsis

A US based fashion house wanted to design a mobile app which could be offered to their customers for trying out their products virtually on mobile. The client wanted to use this solution to be able to sell more products by letting the users trying them out without having to go to their store.

The developed solution was expected to have the following features:

  • Ability to predict a user's size based on the photograph taken from a mobile device.
  • Ability to virtually dress up a customer using a selected dress
  • Image processing algorithms to simulate stretch and pull effects on clothes
  • Integration with eCommerce platform for ordering tried clothes

Our Solution

We researched this problem and after several iterations, delivered a working prototype with the following features:

  • An iOS based application that allowed customers to try on dresses virtually.
  • A server side component to calculate the best fit for a dress based on the photograph uploaded by the customer
  • The application could show the fitting of the apparel based on the uploaded picture and show where the fitting is tight or lose
  • The selected dress could then be added to cart and ordered.

Project Highlights

  • Designed and implemented a working prototype in 4 weeks
  • Explored multiple options for virtual dressing and selected the final candidate based on accuracy and scalability of the solution
  • Provided an implementation roadmap and fixed price cost for evolving the prototype into a production ready system

About Project

Design & development of a prototype and a solution for virtual home furnishing

Technologies Used

iOS App
Image Processing Algorithms
Algorithms To Determine Clothing Size
Algorithms for Rendering of Fitted Dresses

Client Details