Christmas Sale Performance Troubleshooting

Christmas Time Performance Troubleshooting for a UK based eCommerce Company

Project Synopsis

The eCommerce website of a UK based company which operated in three countries started encountering database related performance issues as its website traffic increased closer to the Christmas sale. As a result of this issue, their customers were not able to checkout orders and it was leading to daily loss of revenue. The business team was very concerned as it was happening days away from their biggest sale day of the year. The in house IT team tried increasing the resources available to the database machine but the upgrades did not solve the issue.

The client needed urgent help in dealing with the following challenges:

  • Analyzing the root cause of the database issue
  • Providing a quick fix for the problem
  • Ensuring that the peak load of customers coming in the next one week were able to checkout their orders without a problem

Rare Mile Solution

Rare Mile spent a day analyzing the problem and quickly found the root cause to be the database structure, storage and configuration. But the complete fix would have taken days to fix in production and by that time, the client would have lost a large chunk of revenue. Working closely with the client, the Rare Mile team came up with a tactical approach to optimize the database storage and change the way that some of the data was being indexed. These changes were rolled out quickly in two days and the system was able to handle the large volume of Christmas orders without any problem.

The Rare Mile team fixed the database problem by employing the following fixes:

  • Reconfigured the storage to allow for more virtual space for database's use
  • Quickly restructure more than 80 database tables for better performance with zero impact to the application code
  • Restructured database indexes for better performance
  • Reduced the storage used by the database by 25%

Project Highlights

  • Worked round the clock for 3 days to analyze and fix the problem
  • Solved Database Performance Issues
  • Ensured smooth processing of Christmas time order load
  • Executed the assignment in a contingency model with outcome linked pricing

About The Project

Bail out of the largest sale day for a UK based eCommerce company

Technologies Used

MS SQL Server
JBoss EAP Server
ATG Commerce

Client Details