Managing high performance for critical systems can be an extremely daunting task. Whether you are designing a fresh system which needs to operate at lightning speeds or trying to improve performance of an existing production application, expert advice and review goes a long way in making sure that your system will hold itself together when it goes live.

What we do...

We provide services around the following areas of performance engineering:

Architecture & Design Assessment Audit
Architecture/Design Assessment & Audit
Performance Troubleshooting
Performance Troubleshooting
Performance Improvement
Performance Improvement
Performance Assurance
Performance Assurance

How do we do it?

At Rare Mile, we engage with our customers during all phases of the application development to predict, benchmark and improve performance. From sanitizing performance requirements to reviewing architecture, going through the design documents, or looking at each line of code, modifying it and measuring the improved response. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to make sure your system delivers on its own promises.

We do not close our performance assignment with a report on how to fix the performance issues. We actually work with your team to implement our recommendations.

Why us?

Rare Mile Performance Consultants and Architects

Our People

Our performance architects and engineers have experience in building some of the largest systems in the world. They also have a proven track record of bailing out applications struggling with performance challenges.
Outcome Based Pricing

Outcome Linked Pricing

All our performance-engineering engagements are incentivized on solution. Part of our payment is linked to our solving the performance problem to your satisfaction.

Outcome Based Pricing

Don't Take Our Word!

We have a long list of happy customers who have benefitted from our performance troubleshooting and assurance solutions. Please ask us for a reference call to validate our past work and check our customer's experience in working with Rare Mile

About The Practice

Our Performance Engineering Team is a collection of best in class engineers and architects who are passionate about predicting and eliminating potential performance issues and rescuing struggling applications

Practice Skills

Performance Improvements
Urgent Performance Troubleshooting
Architecture Assessment
Performance Assurance