OCR Based Driver Expense Tracking System

Mobile based OCR solution to automatically capture receipts photos, extract price and VAT of purchases and send for validation

Project Synopsis

A global provider of payment solutions and services by supplying fleet cards wanted to automate the way their fleet drivers avail tax rebates. A mobile app was installed in fleet drivers' phones to capture photos of the fuel receipts to submit the details of their purchase. The OCR solution was developed to extract the price and quantity of fuel and other non-fuel items purchased using their fuel cards. The VAT breakup for each item is extracted too. The extracted data is submitted to the bank involved in the transaction as a daily file for verification. The expense thus extracted and sent to the bank is further used for VAT rebate.

The developed platform was expected to have the following features:

  • Automatic capture with Edge detection using mobile phone camera.
  • Extraction of price of each fuel and non-fuel item and their VAT breakup
  • Send the extracted expense information for validation by the bank.

Rare Mile Solution

We designed and developed the complete mobile app and a SaaS solution using our OCR and text analytics algorithms. The delivered solution had the following features:

  • Support receipts across multitude of fuel station receipt formats.
  • OCR recognition and validation of the extracted text from the fuel receipts.
  • Capability to capture pictures of long receipts part by part , allowing user to crop unwanted parts and then stitching them together before processing.
  • Business intelligence based on the country's tax model and business rules.

Project Highlights

  • Developed a mobile application to capture shake free, sharply focused images.
  • Long receipt capture by part captures and stitching at mobile end.
  • Created new algorithms for processing receipts which could not be read by the OCR engine in the first pass

About Project

Development of expense tracking and fuel analytics platform for fleet management company.

Technologies Used

Rare Mile iGimlet OCR Solution
Machine Learning Solution
Rules Engine for Data Extraction
Mobile App for Capturing Shake Free Images

Client Details